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Successfully Upgrade Your House Siding

You’ve likely heard the phrase “dressed for success” and you’ve undoubtedly taken this adage to heart at some point in your life. Dressing well for a job interview is a prime example; those who are up kept and tidy make the best impressions. Your wedding day is another example; it’s a bride’s mission to find the perfect dress and the tuxedo often makes the man!

Your house siding falls under the same kind of heading; when your siding looks clean and crisp, those on the outside see you as someone who takes pride in their home. People passing by will marvel at the beauty and appeal. However, when your house siding begins to fade, crumble, or just look shabby, it can send out a message of limited success. If you’re curb appeal is going south, it’s time for an upgrade. Let’s make your home look as successful as you are.

There are many different types of siding, some more popular than others. Knowing what look you want to achieve can go a long way toward knowing what materials to use.

  • Fiber Cement. This type of house siding will give your home the look of wood, brick, or stucco at a lower cost. Made from a mix of wood fibers, cement, clay, and sand, it has become popular in recent years due to being low-maintenance, termite-resistant, and non-flammable. It’s also weather resistant, durable, and continues to look beautiful without ever needing to be sanded or painted.
  • Stone Veneer. A natural beauty, stone siding has been appealing to homeowners for years. Not only do you get texture, but you get something that draws in the eye and does not disappoint. Stone veneer is less costly than traditional granite or limestone and comes in natural and synthetic materials. It will outlast the elements here in Jersey and you’ll love the class it brings to your curb appeal.
  • Vinyl. The most popular type of house siding is still vinyl. It is tough enough to provide resistance to snow, wind, and extreme temperature shifts while maintaining its shape and color. Vinyl is low cost, lightweight, and comes in a wide variety of colors and styles for you to personalize your home.

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With so many options to choose from, why let your house be underdressed? Our professional contracting staff will help you choose just the right house siding that will provide you with many years of beauty and protection. We’ve been in business in Morris County since 1983 and our A+ rating with the BBB speaks for itself. Let us help you dress your home for success, one side at a time.

Upgrade Your House Siding