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Reviewed By: Lynn O
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Comment I had my entire roof redone 10 years ago. 5 years ago the front developed a leak, so I called the company to come an look at it. I found out that they had gone out of business.
I called Roeland Home improvements and they came and replaced the front half of the house. 5 years later, the day before Christmas eve 2015 I had a leak from the roof on back of the house coming into the kitchen. I called Arnie Roeland on Christmas eve as he was about to go on a week vacation. He had a dumpster delivered in a couple days and the roofing crew came and replaced the rear shingles on the back of the house 4 days after the initial phone call. I was delighted with his quick response.
I look forward to work with his company in the future.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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