Roeland Home Improvers

Reviewed By: Paulie J
Location: Oak Ridge, NJ

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Comment The Roeland crew replaced my roof. They did a great job. Arnie (owner) provided an informative presentation in which he kept referencing the GAF (shingle manufacturer) manual. His knowledge provided me with an ease of mind should the product fail for any reason. Since everything was installed according to the manufacturer's manual, the warranty would not be voided.

On day 1 the old shingles were removed and bad plywood replaced. On day 2, shingles were to be installed. They were loaded onto the roof on day 1. At 6 pm on day 1, a couple hours after the workers left, the wife and I decided that we regret our choice of shingle color and called Arnie to see what could be done. Arnie did not once make me feel like I made a bad decision. He advised that he would make phone calls, rearrange workers at another job site, reach out to the distributor and basically get the new color that we wanted. And that is just what he did. Old school guy that I can vouch for.

I would highly recommend.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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