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Truly Traditional Look

Celect® exterior siding products mimic the traditional look and texture of wood but using advanced composite materials and an advanced interlocking technology to preserve the integrity of the home. Celect's technology quickly solves problems with siding that have plagued homeowners for years.

No Seams And No Moisture

Celect Siding uses an innovative inter-locking seam system that allows seams to virtually disappear from view while more importantly preventing air and moisture penetration, keeping your home safe from mold and mildew.

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 Seamless Siding NJ : Maintenance Free Siding : Morris County New Jersey (NJ)and surrounding areas

Celect is made entirely from eco-friendly cellular materials. The reflective coating allows energy to be reflected back into the atmosphere, keeping walls cool. It also allows less heat to infiltrate your home, reducing the energy demand on your air conditioning. Celect has a unique white substrate which helps to lower heat absorption, keeping your home cooler in summer, warner in winter.

Virtually Maintenance Free | Celect Cellular Exteriors is resistant to mold and moisture and cleans up with nothing more than a garden hose! The anti-static surface offers outstanding dust resistance. No need for painting (although unlike vinyl, it CAN be painted!). Its Kynar Aquatec coating provides exceptional fade resistance. The finish is also highly IMPACT, SUN, and WATER resistant.

Mimics Traditional Wooden Style | Not long ago, some clever people at Royal developed a way to make a recyclable, dimensionally stable cellular siding that could faithfully render the deep grain appearance of wood.

No Overlapping Seams | Celect's innovative snap-together seam system and gravity-lock features work together to reduce energy exfiltration through exterior walls. This system ensures that your siding, even after years of exposure to extreme elements, will maintain the horizontal integrity of your siding and home. This system is also key to allowing the siding to be virtually SEAMLESS to the naked eye. Image, no unsightly seams, maintenance free, durability, and a traditional look that mimics wooden siding - is this possible?


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