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Searching For Wood Siding? Important Information Below

100% Traditional Wooden Look

Roeland Most homeowners are looking for that traditional look from Wood Siding, and rightfully so. The problem though comes with the material itself. Wood rots, is subject to the elements more than any material used in Siding Homes. The GOOD NEWS is that Roeland has a durable Siding product that MIMICS the TEXTURE *and* APPEARANCE of wood.

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Forget The Maintenance

Who needs to constantly repaint their siding? With our composite and vinyl products you have options when it comes to painting (especially with composite), but are not forced to do so to attempt to preserve the integrity of the siding as in the case with wooden siding.

Traditional wooden looks without the downsides

Imagine having all the asthetic advantages that come with wood siding, without the disadvantages. Well, Roeland now has an exclusive product offer as part of their parternship with Celect Siding, to offer NJ homeowners an alternative to problematic Wooden Siding.

Its About The Installers

For two years in a row Roeland Home Improvers has been awarded the coveted Angies List Super Service award, which is offered to companies who produce enough unsolicited positive reviews. Only 5% of Siding Contractors will ever get this award.

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Wood Siding Morris County New Jersey

Wood Siding Comes With Several Significant Disadvantages

Despite the popularity, durability, and a handful of other advantages, wood siding comes with several big disadvantages. Wood siding adds beauty and natural look to the house and of course, it’s hundred percent recyclable, but it also creates additional unnecessary expenses and troubles for the homeowners. Fortunately Roeland has an alternative solution for you.


The first and very frustrating part of having the wood siding is the need for a regular inspection. Typically annual inspection for newer siding is sufficient, however, for the older homes it is best to get them inspected every few months. Most homeowners forget to diligently inspect the sides of their houses or do not know how. A brief visual inspection might not be sufficient for detecting some of the internal problems. It’s highly recommended to hire a professional to do the proper inspection, and this can definitely add to the house maintenance budget.


Without a doubt, moisture is one of the biggest enemies for the wood siding. Often, a poorly installed siding can trap moisture inside which can lead to rotting, mildew accumulation, and even bacterial growth. Damp boards can crack, warp, chip, or decay leaving the homeowners with ugly damaged siding. Replacing siding is an expensive project and can become very time consuming if not done by professionals.

Insect, Mildew and Bacteria.

Wood is a natural habitat for various bugs and bacteria which makes wood siding vulnerable as well. Even treated siding – or less prone to insect-damage wood – can still be destroyed by termites, or provide living conditions for maggots, ants, and other pests. Sometimes it becomes exceptionally hard to detect mildew, bacterial growth or little ant colonies on the inside of the siding.

As it’s clearly visible wood siding can become a nuisance for home owners and maintenance costs can become rather large. Fortunately, homeowners now have other alternatives when it comes to siding options.

Advantages of Roelands Wood Alternative Siding

Imagine a new technology in siding materials that allows you to have all of the advantages of traditional wooden siding, keeping the beautiful appearance of your home, without any of the disadvantages. To learn more about our Virtually Seamless Cellular Alternative From Celect Siding

To Learn more about this new siding technology Visit Our Celect Siding Page


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