Roeland Home Improvers

Reviewed By: Renee H
Location: Warren, NJ

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Comment Wow, I've just had the BEST experience with Roeland Home Improvers!!
We replaced all of our windows in our house in 2005 with these amazing Quantum 2 windows (by a MN co). Five years later some of the balancing pins were breaking and I could not use three of my windows. I had a lifetime warranty on the windows but during the recession the window company filed bankruptcy and I could not get any parts to fix my windows and the MN installing company did not help.
THEN earlier this year I'm talking windows with Arnie Roeland and he's very familiar with my window. He mailed me new balancer pins (for free) and instructions on how to repair my windows. It worked!! I'm so excited, I thought I would have to spend thousands of dollars and have to purchase new windows again. Thank you Arnie and Roeland Home Improvers you saved my thousand of dollars and were a joy to work with!!
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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