Roeland Home Improvers

Reviewed By: Sheila F
Location: Mendham, NJ

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Comment Contractor with a HEART!
Arnie Roeland has done two very big jobs for family members. Both jobs included roofing, windows and siding. He also built a beautiful portico on a flat roof that had previous drainage issues that were remedied by his work. He was extremely reliable, competent, knowledgeable and professional. He also helped me out tremendously. My roof was fairly new, but had leaking issues that my roofer was refusing to fix properly. Eventually I had no choice but to sue this guy. Arnie caught wind of my strife and promised to fix whatever damages this other guy did for whatever the settlement I received. I did win the court case and Arnie came and took care of all my issues. I am positive that he did not get paid enough for this job. He did it out of the kindness of his heart! I will be forever grateful to one of many angels in my life! Thank You Arnie
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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