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Reviewed By: Sarah M
Location: Rockaway, NJ

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Comment My husband and I are new first time homeowners in Rockaway. When we bought the house in March we knew we would need a new roof soon but the insurance company gave us 12 months.
So, before the winter comes, we decided to get on it. I started the way I always do...Google. After reading reviews on a few different Contractors I decided to get an estimate from Roeland. I liked the owner Arnie from our first phone conversation.
He even came over on a Saturday morning to meet with both my husband and I and review the process.
He offered financing options (which was HUGE for us) and took credit cards. Also huge for us.
After a couple of hours with him we knew he was the guy we wanted to work with.
The roof turned out beautiful. He was a man of his word on timing, brought in and took out the dumpster himself and in a timely manner. Almost every bit of the old roof, nails etc were removed, I mean you wouldn't have even known we had our old roof torn off.
Pricing was fair and he does the job right.
ALSO, he really went above and beyond. We had 2 wall mounted A/Cs, one of which was jutting right out the front of our house, and we hated it. He offered to remove them for us, get the siding matched and install the new siding to cover where the A/Cs were for NOTHING!! We did the sheet rock and insulation ourselves (the sheet rock he ended up giving us from some he didn't end up using on his own personal home) but that he offered to do that on his own time was incredibly kind. If that wasn't enough, when he came to install that siding he noticed that our screen door frame was pulling right off the wall every time we opened it. We had noticed it as well but hadn't gotten around to fixing it. After finishing the siding, he fixed the door for us. Again, no charge, just because he wanted to help.
This is our starter home but I can guarantee that we will be using Roeland for everything in this home and for our next home. We can't say enough how satisfied we are with his service and work. We are glad we found him and wouldn't use anyone else. Especially for any young couples just starting out in your new home, Arnie will take care of you and not let you spend too much.
Overall Rating 5 Stars
Molly Upperco from company replied to this review
Replied on: October 2nd, 2018 01:10:55pm
Wow! Thanks for the review as well as the referrals. I hope all your future projects end with the same results. If not just leave them in the yard and let the dogs out ;-)

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