Bathtub Liners Installation in Morris County & Northern NJ

Bathtub Liners Installation in Morris County & Northern NJ

When your bathtub is looking worn, you have two choices. Either install a new bathtub, which can be expensive, or add a bathroom liner that will freshen up the room without breaking your budget. For the cost-conscious consumer with a well-worn tub, the best option is a bathtub liner from Roeland Home Improvers.

What is a Bathtub Liner?

A bathtub liner is a solid piece of PVC or acrylic that is used to cover the old bathtub. It is designed to fit precisely over the old tub, covering it perfectly and making your tub look like new without the hassle or added expense of having to remove the old tub underneath. Liners are custom-fit to the tub that it covers, so technicians have to inspect and measure your old tub before a liner is delivered for installation.

Benefits of a Liner Over Other Tub Options

When you have a bathtub liner installed at your New Jersey home instead of purchasing a replacement tub, some of the benefits you get will include:

  • Clean appearance – Because a liner hides the old tub beneath it, you definitely get a better-looking, functional bathtub without all the work and expense involved with installing a replacement tub.
  • Faster installation – A liner installation is much quicker than installing a new bathtub. Because you won’t have to tear out the old tub, you won’t have to wait days to use your newly refurbished bathtub. You can enjoy a relaxing soak as soon as the grout and cement are dry.

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  • Less mess – Installing a liner means you won’t have to deal with the mess that comes with refurbishing or replacing an older tub. There are no broken tiles to deal with, no dust and dirt to remove, and no rubble to discard.
  • Cheaper than tub replacements – Adding a bathtub liner make a much smaller dent in your pocketbook than replacing your old tub with a new one. Aside from the purchase price and installation cost of the new tub, you also need to have the old tub removed and plumbing re-done. With a liner, the savings are huge.

Contact Roeland for Your Bathtub Liner Installation

When you want to update your bathroom in Morris County or Northern New Jersey without breaking the bank, a bathtub liner from Roeland Home Improvers is your best option. We specialize in bathroom renovations that include bathtub replacements, bathtub surrounds, and the installation of new bathtubs. Contact us online or give us a call at 973-310-6393 and schedule an inspection and estimate.


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